Civilians try MREs

Actually, these aren’t *really* MREs. They’re civilian products mimicking MREs. The main entrée is pure MRE, but the rest is a cheaper variant.


MREs aren’t bad, per se. For a day or two, they’re not bad at all, especially now that they have the flameless ration heater. But after more than a few days, they become very monotonous. That’s part of why the Army puts so much effort into making hot meals, such as the UGR series, available to deployed troops.

Youtube being Youtube, there’s actually a small community of channels with people who do very indepth reviews of just about every combat ration around, both the various MRE menus, and their foreign counterparts.


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5 thoughts on “Civilians try MREs”

  1. I showed a female civilian friend the toilet paper packet that comes with the MRE. She was horrified.

  2. I showed the toilet paper from an MRE to a former paramour and before I had the chance to tell her what it was she excitedly asked if it was a tampon/kotex device for female service members. She just couldn’t get why I fell on the floor laughing my 4th point of contact off!!

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