Goodbye Elly May Clampett


Sad news that Donna Douglas, the buxom blonde co-star who played Elly May in the 60s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, passed away yesterday at 82.   She was most famous for her role in Hillbillies, but also appeared in a number of other series, most notably The Twilight Zone (“The Eye of the Beholder”, one of my favorites) and Adam 12.   She also co-starred with Elvis in Frankie and Johnny in 1966.


To men of a certain age, our childhood television women included Elly May Clampett, Wrangler Jane from F Troop (the lovely Melody Patterson), and Get Smart’s super-sexy and funny Agent 99, Barbara Feldon.    *Sigh*.   Another marker of the passage of time.

So long Elly May.  Never has a pair of jeans tied with a rope for a belt looked so good.  Now you can have your critters in the cee-ment pond all the time.

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Elly May Clampett”

  1. I was a child in grade school when all of these ladies were on TV…………..I am really getting up there, myself.

  2. She was NOT a nice person in that ADAM-12 episode. Ms. Douglas was supposed to be a Very nice person in the real world. Requisat in Pace, Ms. Douglas.

  3. I do have to admit that – although I’m a decade or so junior to our host – Barbara Feldon was / is one of my biggest TV crushes.

    Elly May … I never really watched her show as much as Get Smart, but she was absolutely beautiful as well.

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