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Years ago, when I first stumbled upon Doctrine Man, his witty comments inspired the team during our journey to a faraway land, as we suffered through countless inventories and endless PowerPoint trauma in a deployment devoid of wartime rules of accountability and teeming with storyboards. Those times were remarkable, but paled in comparison to time in the mythical land of TRADOCia, where I discovered the pinnacle of mission command, education, and development of our future leaders. It is also where Doctrine Man reigns in relative anonymity, thriving in ambiguity (or “plain sight” as I soon learned): a requirement described throughout the Army’s Human Dimension White Paper that Tom Ricks critiqued and Doctrine Man defended recently as both valuable and necessary.

via A Side Platter of Snark — Medium.

Go ahead and read the 20 questions with Doctrine Man. We don’t always agree with him, but we always learn something.

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    1. Do you actually ever post any original content, or do you just copypasta every single thing posted by a bunch of other bloggers? Including – in this case – a copypasta of Brad’s link to someone else’s site?

      I’m just curious.

      1. This is primarily a reblog site, dedicated to reblogging content I find interesting and to drive visits to the original writers post, often through other links. If you desire I not reblog your content, I’ll not do so, just let me know.

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