Poor Market Research

We get the occasional SEO marketing pitch that sneaks through our email spam filter. We occasionally get offers from publishers for advance copies of books. We sometimes get pitches for others to guest author here.*

But this is the first time we’ve been approached to be a guest author at someone else’s site.

Good afternoon,

My name is Brooks Clifford, I’m part of the online marketing team at  http://nationalcarryacademy.com/  We provide classes, training and information to certify over 15,000 citizens with their conceal to carry permit each year. The reason I’m e-mailing you today is that we did some research and found you to be a highly regarded criminal defense attorney.

We wanted to ask if you would be interested in providing insight to our readers in the form of a blog once a quarter and in return we are happy to provide you a backlink to your website and add you to our “Additional Resource” page for clients in your state.

The benefits of having you guest blog for our website include: building high quality links back to your own website, increase visibility to your website, and building an audience through a new channel. We’re looking for fresh faces to write with our team to help build new perspectives as well as provide different point of views on a variety of topics related self defense and firearms law.

While we have a long list of topics to cover ourselves, we’d be more than open to any ideas you’d have on your own. Please contact me at brooks@nationalcarryacademy.com if you’d be interested in working together. I look forward to hearing back.


Brooks Clifford
CMO National Carry Academy

I’ll let you in on a little secret. If your Chief Marketing Officer’s research leads you to believe that I’m a highly regarded criminal  defense attorney, you probably shouldn’t have anything to do with teaching anyone anything.  I’d hate to see the quality of your research into the concealed carry laws in the various states.


*Genuine readers that have an idea for submission are welcome. We’re talking about spam marketers here.

5 thoughts on “Poor Market Research”

  1. I got an invitation to link to a woman in customer service in Manila through LinkedIn. I have no idea how she got my contact data.

    Such stuff is too common. The tubez is so big that we don’t see more of it is a mild surprise.

  2. You didn’t tell me you were a defense attorney! So next time I do something really scuzzy, I can call you?

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