A Dangerous Business

Msgt. Anthony asked in the comments if I might cover the loss of reconnaissance assets during the Cold War. I once started research on it, but timing and the overwhelming nature of it meant it never came to fruition.

But it was certainly an occupation fraught with hazard. For a look at US Navy air reconnaissance losses during the Cold War, let’s turn to a brief brochure published by the NSA.

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3 thoughts on “A Dangerous Business”

  1. Rarely is there a mention of the ARMY spooks that flew in the Q. In particular the four Army fatalities that were part of the crew of VQ-2 WV-2Q (EC-121) JQ-15 BuNo 131390 flying out of Wiesbaden WG that crashed on 22 May 1962.

  2. On this topic I would suggest
    – By Any Means Necessary: America’s Secret Air War in the Cold War –
    I thought it was both interesting and a good read. And thank you for this book to read.


  3. Sigh. Friends in that document. Brothers to us all. I lift a glass in honor of them on this New Year’s eve. Craig and Pat I miss you.

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