More on the Sony Breach

Seems some more people with an ear to the keyboard have doubts that DPRK was the culprit, as the FBI told us week before last.  From CNN Tech, there is this:

Some U.S. cyber experts say the evidence the FBI has presented to attempt to incriminate hackers working for the communist regime is not enough to pin the blame on Pyongyang.

“It’s clear to us, based on both forensic and other evidence we’ve collected, that unequivocally they are not responsible for orchestrating or initiating the attack on Sony,” said Sam Glines, who runs the cybersecurity company Norse.

Also, my old friend and colleague Scott Borg weighs in:

There is a group in the Kim regime that is responsible for cyber warfare, but independent IT security researcher Scott Borg doesn’t believe North Korea was capable of the Sony hack.

“It’s beyond the skill level that we have been able to observe,” he said.

Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmmmm”.

3 thoughts on “More on the Sony Breach”

  1. Worth noting that NK is a convenient proxy for either Russia or China.

    Moreover, the administration would probably rather blame NK than Russia or China (though they’re more likely to want to avoid a spat with the latter than the former).

    1. And your evidence of this proxy action is?….

      This whole fiasco has more the flavor of some Nork fans acting out than any covert action via China or Russia.

      There’s even the possibility that one or more people inside Sony were responsible for this. It’s an open secret that they were warned that their cyber security needed some serious upgrades.

  2. Well, we can’t have a high visibility incident like this and tell people that the world’s only superpower hasn’t a clue as to who the culprit is. Blaming China or Russia is politically inconvenient at this time, so who else is there to blame without having to actually to do something or looking helpless?

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