KC-46 First Flight this morning.

The long awaited first flight of a Boeing KC-46 took place this morning.


Spill gave us the heads up last night that it was likely to take place today.

Mind you, this first aircraft doesn’t have the refueling package, nor the self defense equipment installed. It’s primarily to prove the airframe, as it is a configuration of the 767 never flown before.

The first two birds will (at least initially) lack those parts. The next two are supposed to be production representative. All four will be used in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Development role, with a further 175 programmed for production and use by the Air Force.

With a little luck, the first 18 production aircraft should be delivered to McConnell Air Force Base by the end of 2017 to serve as the schoolhouse for the KC-46 fleet.

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  1. Please oh Lord let this frame lend itself to easier load planning than the KC-135.

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