Air Force Weapons School invades Nevada

The Air Force Weapons School is actually something of a combination schoolhouse and think tank.

It’s the capstone course for the tactical employment of various platforms (with tracks for each, such as fighters, bombers, and in this case airlift).

But more than simply teaching tactics, it also uses its exercises to develop new tactics to defeat emerging threats.

The days of massed airdrops on a divisional scale may well be over. But the threat of an airdrop on a somewhat smaller scale is still  a useful option, and may indeed be called upon again, especially in a relatively benign air defense environment.


In this instance, the paratroopers of the 82nd are pretty much a token force, about one rifle company in size, but one suspects there was enough leadership present to bring back to home station the current thinking on planning and executing such a mission.

3 thoughts on “Air Force Weapons School invades Nevada”

  1. The vortex turbulence of C-17’s which sorely affects distance between aircraft during multi-ship drops notwithstanding…the death knell of Airborne Operations/Vertical Insertion Low-Level will be over the horizon earth curvature aniti-aircraft missle & acquisition technology. On a small note…the soldiers static lining out of the back of the C-130 (and trust me, its a Herc), would have to be Spec Ops family of parachutists as “conventional” airborne forces are quite exclusively disallowed from “tail-gate” exits. Parachute Riggers are excepted when following heavy drops BAL’s or Big A _ _ Loads. No real reason why as no aircraft I’ve come across can distinguish between Conventional and Spec Ops humanoids exiting aft end. Just sayin’.

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