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Fellow CG Retirees, This is just a reminder that this is still an ongoing initiative. Our Retiree population has stepped up to the plate and we have about a hundred strong resumes in the system. However, the need is much greater and I hope that every CG Retiree fully or partially retired from their civilian occupation considers this opportunity. Besides serving your country in an active capacity again the FEMA Reservists are also paid for their time and travel while deployed. Deployments can either be for training or to a disaster. Please read the below and get in contact with FEMA if you have questions.

Yours in service,

Skip Bowen

via US Coast Guard Retiree FEMA Reservist Initiative | Chuck Hill’s CG Blog.

Government usually does things stupidly. But offhand, I’d say this actually sounds like a pretty smart approach to manning FEMA during disasters.

FEMA doesn’t have vast armies of personnel just waiting until the next catastrophe occurs. What they do have is a command and control staff in place full time, and a roster of people they can activate when needed.

And using retired Coasties makes good sense. Humanitarian aid and disaster response are core Coast Guard competencies. And, being retired Coasties, they have already demonstrated a commitment to service and a certain level of competence.

One wonders if they also might target certain other military retiree specialties for activation. Retired infantrymen might not be the skill set required, but some, such as engineers, or even mess management specialists, could prove useful.

By the way, Chuck Hill’s blog is the go-t0 resource for your Coast Guard needs. He’s built a great community over there.

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  1. FEMA does use Engineers, but all those I’ve seen were Professional Engineers. Army Engineers (as in Engineer Companies) have been called out for disaster relief. I haven’t heard of any sort of reserve, because they wouldn’t have the equipment.

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