5 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Splodey”

  1. Pics like that are neat. A man took a digital video of the Old Putnam Street bridge being blown in the late 90s. He then did a frame grab to a pic like that.

    That bridge looks familiar and I can’t place it. Do you know where the pic was taken?

    1. Just wondered. It resembles a bridge in Bellaire, Ohio that I knew had been taken out of service, but the stuff in the foreground doesn’t look familiar to me.

    2. OK. That was at Steubenville (hometown of Dean Martin). I’ve been by that bridge several times as well. It was still being used last time I was up OH SR 7. The pic was taken from a spot above SR 7. It resembled a bridge at Bellaire, which is south of Wheeling along the OH River. About 60 miles south of Steubenville as I recall.

      I used to take SR 7 to east Liverpool and catch US 30 north to visit my daughter and son-in-law in Western PA. It was a change of pace from taking I-77 to Akron then east. Interstates can be boring.

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