Santa Robs Bank During S.F. SantaCon

A man in San Francisco pulled off an expertly camouflaged heist when he robbed a bank wearing a Santa costume during the annual SantaCon celebration on the weekend, when thousands of people were similarly dressed up and in the streets.

According to San Francisco Weekly, the unidentified Santa walked into a bank on the 400 block of Sutter Avenue at around 1 pm on Saturday, handed the teller a note, and simply walked out with an undisclosed sum of money.

via Santa Robs Bank During S.F. SantaCon.


1 thought on “Santa Robs Bank During S.F. SantaCon”

  1. Shades of Multiple Santa! Static electricity will short them out! Noogie time!
    (If this makes no sense, look for “The Tick Loves Santa!” on YouTube.)

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