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  1. Grumman TF-1 / C-1A Trader
    de Havilland Canada C-7A (AC-1 or CV-2 in Army designation) Caribou
    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM (NATO Mongol-B)
    Chance-Vought SSM-N-9 Regulus II
    Douglas AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider
    Vought V-173 Flying Pancake

    1. I like your list, Capt. Ed. You type fast. Beat my wrong guesses by 2 minutes.

      Regulus II and AD-5 explain my errors. Never saw a C-1A.

    2. TF-1/C-1A is the cargo variant (COD) of the S2F/S-2. Your “MAD boom” is the pitot tube/AOA sensor of the MiG-21 parked next to it.

      I called it an AD-5 because it appears to have the 4-place cockpit, and that was the only variant with that feature.

      The MiG-21 is a 2-seat trainer version (all true fighter versions are single-seat) and the brake parachute fairing at the base of the fin marks it as a -UM rather than a -U.

  2. 1 – Grumman S-2 Tracker Not sure if that is the MAD boom in the rear
    2- ??? Know a lot of aircraft that are not this one.
    3 – Mig -21 North Vietnamese by the insignia
    4 – Regulus missile? The front end looks a tad narrow for one.
    5 – ?? Has the look of an AD-1 SPAD, but with the long cockpit of an Avenger.
    6 – Flying Pancake

    As always, nothing like a wrong guess to bring out the comments. Have at it. My fall back is *McCoy voice* I’m a chemist, not a aircraft spotter, Jim */voice off*

  3. There are some “Stoofs” with Turbine’s in them now and being utilized by the Cal Fire Dept. Also, the next best step for the “Bou” is the DHC Buffalo with a “T” tail and two turbines instead of radials. There’s a YouTube of a Buffalo at a European Airsho doing steep “everythings” when it tries a steep angle descent to landing and pancakes onto the runway breaking off the wings outboard of the engine nacelle and landing gear housing and the tail suffers greatly too. One, maybe two minutes (no post crash fire) the top cockpit hatch opens up crew climbs out and seems to be having a “Damn I shoulda died moment.”

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