3”/50 gun, and the 8”/55 gun

A nice little video showing the autoloading features of each gun.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICifnf63lCs]

4 thoughts on “3”/50 gun, and the 8”/55 gun”

  1. Marine Amphib Groups (or whatever they’ve changed the name to this month) would really love having the 3-ship Des Moines class still around. With 90 rpm per ship at a max range of 30,000 yards, that could keep a few heads down on an active beach.

    1. Truth be told, the experimental 8″/the Navy tried on the Hull should have been on every Spru-Can (which were built with the footings for the beastie), TiCo, and Burke ever launched. From what I’ve read the reasons it “failed” its service test had little to do with the system on its own and a whole lot to do with brown shoe/black shoe issues. Also, it was built from the start to handle long projectiles (which would include saboted rounds(.

  2. I was in San Diego on a different tin can when the Hull was doing the testing.
    Sometimes we were even next to each other.
    It seemed like every time the Hull went out to shoot, when they came back in the HT’s had to weld up the cracks.
    Now the Hull was not designed for a 8″ gun and it was a older ship when the gun was installed. So the reinforcing frames that were put in for the 8″ were welded to older steel.
    Some of the Hulls sailors said that the 8″ had a real bark when it fired.

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