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We buried my father-in-law the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He was a WW2 veteran, 15th Army Air Force. The local chapter of the VFW did a great job as honor guard. Minutes before the service at the cemetery, the funeral director asked, “Who’s the oldest?” And so it was that the flag was presented to my sister-in-law.

At my maternal grandfather’s funeral, the flag was presented to the second-oldest aunt, and there was a great deal of squawking about it. Consensus seemed to be that the oldest uncle (also a veteran) should have received it.

At my oldest brother’s funeral, the one who received the flag was not the oldest, but the son currently serving in the Army. Everyone was fine with this.

So my question is this:
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Just to keep the record straight, I think it’s fine that my sister-in-law received the flag. She had the lion’s share of caring for my father-in-law. I plan on giving her a display case for the flag. I just wondered if there’s a dominant tradition out there.

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  1. I am my Dad’s oldest son and a Marine Viet nam vet, I passed the flag to my next Brother, I just could not accept the flag at that time. Tradition in our family is oldest direct linage Vet. Joe

  2. Flag goes to primary next of kin. First spouse, then to eldest child if no spouse. Gender or status are immaterial. There are provisions for multiple flags on occasion, but I have never done that. The recipient can be changed at the request of the PNOK, at graveside.

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