A Time For Choosing

I don’t really have  a dog in the Army/Navy game. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Army will lose. And the only thing West Point ever did for me was send me 2nd Lieutenants. Some very good. Some very bad.

But Ronald Reagan’s 1964 A Time For Choosing Speech just keeps getting better and better over the years. Any time someone argues our current President is eloquent, I want to slap some earbuds on them and play this.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gi7JBm6GLU]

2 thoughts on “A Time For Choosing”

  1. You’re right, not a chance in hell. I must say however due to career and my Dad Richard E. Dunlap USMA Class of ’47 GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!!

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