Rough Day at the Office

Long tine readers of Neptunus Lex probably remember a commenter, Spazsinbad, who apparently was a former Royal Australian Navy A-4G pilot. He always had interesting bits to add to the conversation.  Let’s take a look at one of his compatriots having a rough day.


The A-4, in US Navy usage, operated handily from the supercarriers. And it was even quite at home on the modernized Essex class. But the Royal Australian Navy’s only carrier, HMAS Melbourne, was tiny! And there was simply no margin for error.

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  1. When I was a kid, I visited the HMAS Melbourne when she was in Sydney. Seemed like a real big ship to me at the time. =)

  2. If you remember Mr Ralston, from OHHS, he told us a story where he launched with an overloaded F4u Corsair in Korea and, with no lift, just dropped into the water. This guy in the video has an incredible story, though.

  3. HMAS Melbourne rammed his aircraft, ran over it, and the pilot got out when the plane was 70 feet deep. He surfaced hundred of yards astern of the carrier, and was rescued.

    That is a lot of skill/luck to use up in one launch cycle.

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