Navy: Women secretly filmed in shower aboard sub

Some of the first female sailors to serve on Navy submarines were secretly recorded while they undressed.

The women were recorded aboard the ballistic missile submarine Wyoming, Gold crew, which is home ported in Kings Bay, Georgia. Navy officials are investigating an unidentified 24-year-old male who is accused of making and distributing the videos, according to a Nov. 14 incident report circulated among the service’s most senior leaders. The sailor was identified only by his rank: second class petty officer.

The videos are believed to show at least three female officers while showering or undressed that were recorded over more than a year, according to a source who has spoken to one of the alleged victims.

via Navy: Women secretly filmed in shower aboard sub.

The incredibly stupid actions of one sailor, a freakin’ petty officer who should know better, are going to cause major pain throughout the submarine community.

The thing that really frustrates me about the women in subs issue is that it is always about what the service can do for women. It is never shown, by any sort of metric beyond “diversity” that adding women to a boats crew will improve the performance or combat readiness.

Here’s another little gem from the article, from a female Lieutenant who served on one of the first integrated crews:

“The only reason I was there was to stop the submariners from being a–holes, and to get the women to stop crying,” she recalled. “I felt like it was fine, but I felt like I was in control of the situation.”

Note, she’s not talking about a 19 year old E-2. She’s talking about commissioned officers crying. As for submariners being a–holes, new, non-qualified sailors are worked to the bone until they earn their coveted dolphins, the qualification badge. Until then, they’re mere apprentices, not journeymen actually adding value to the crew. And the boorish behavior toward them helps weed out those who don’t have the commitment and temperament to  be successful.

To be sure, if the petty officer did in fact videotape the women, that’s both reprehensible, and criminal. And he deserves to get nuked for it. But its a dead certainty that senior leadership will find this a larger narrative, and learn all the wrong lessons, and manage to increase the pain for everyone.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.


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  1. Stop submariners from being a – holes…reminds me of the idiots who try and make their cats vegetarians. This isn’t going to end well.

    I was a surface nuke, so I’ve had plenty of experience serving with women. My conclusion was that like men there were some great ones, a large number of mediocre ones, and more than a few complete wastes of gravity. Generally, the ones who felt it was their job to shape the culture in the plant fell into the latter category. And try and stop me being an a – hole? Stand by for an object lesson in malicious compliance.

  2. Wait… there’s no privacy on submarines now? When did that happen? I thought everyone had a private stateroom and their own bathroom.

    1. “How they’re going to work that on the VA class, I have no idea.”

      Me either. But you can rest assured it will take hundreds of millions of dollars from the Navy shipbuilding budget to retrofit our SSNs and boomers so that women can serve aboard. With no discernible benefits, save the feminist agenda.

    2. I describe to civilian friends the officers head on a 699-class boat (pisser, shitter, shower, and sink) and that it was not uncommon to have all four stations manned at the same time.

  3. I had a spirited discussion with a female LCDR concerning women serving on subs. She was a darn good officer, but her focus was on opportunities for women. My repsonse was I didn’t care about that, my priority was killing people and breaking shit. Prove to me that adding women will improve that capability. Crickets chirping. Fortunately I was a terminal O5 and had an outstanding rep for fairness.

    1. It’s astonishing how many folks have trouble with the concept of mission.

      She thinks the mission is to provide opportunities for women.

      Fighting is secondary to that.

  4. Maybe I’m just a Neanderthal, but not so long ago, women on ship were considered bad luck. Anecdotally, when we had a mixed gender Reserve unit come aboard for carrier quals, we had 3 major incidents in 1 week: F/A18 slammed into the ocean, flash fire during a hot refuel and man blown overboard during a high speed turn of an A6. What really sucked for that last guy was the elevator was down and broke his fall.

    1. And how many of those accidents were caused by men distracted due to some interpersonal drama involving females? Who knows…

  5. Crying. Oh, the crying. Why? What makes it start? What makes it stop? Please, make it stop. I don’t have daughters; I don’t understand this.

  6. Awesome. People like me predicted that stuff like this would happen if you continued to stick men and women together in close proximity to each other in military units (don’t even get me started on the sexual shenanigans I witnessed at USAFA in the early 90s.) The predictions come true, as they usually do. But we’re the bad people for pointing out that this is what would happen and that our shitty attitude back then somehow reached through time and space and caused the issues currently being experienced?

    One of these days, we’re going to lose a lot of people in combat. Not hundreds, thousands. Maybe several thousand. And you can be damned sure the past members of DACOWITS and the F’n media aren’t going to accept any blame at all. That is the part that really bugs me, to be honest. If you’re going to tamper with military culture, at least have the conviction to take some of the blame if, and when, it blows up (maybe literally) in our face.

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