12 thoughts on “I made a new friend while I was out and about today.”

    1. I’d worry if you were an ACME customer, or standing near (for sufficiently large values of “near”) one.

    1. Camaro. The Dodge “winged wonder” was the Charger Daytona and it came out one year before the SuperBird. For the record, the 426 Hemi street version of the Daytona/SuperBird could top 180 mph on tires with nowhere near the capacity for such speeds.

  1. I thought for sure you would have gotten him using your ACME Indestructo Steel Ball. Nobody dropped an anvil on you from a cliff, did they?

  2. My brother just moved to AZ and just posted a picture of a roadrunner as well as coyote a couple of weeks ago. When I was stationed in Texas for AIT all I saw was a dang armadillo.

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