Everyone else is talking about it, so here’s a couple random thoughts.

You’ll hear people lament that Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die for his crimes. Deserve? No. But the evidence shows that he took actions that led almost inevitably to his death.

There’s a tendency among males, especially young males, and most markedly among black urban young males, to escalate a confrontation. When that involves the police, that often ends badly for the police. But it almost always ends badly for the young man.

Brown wasn’t killed for stealing cigarillos, or jaywalking. He was killed because he placed a police officer in danger. Just being unarmed doesn’t mean there’s not a  potentially deadly threat. Don’t believe me? Allow me to introduce you to WorldStar HipHop (NSFW).

What the heck took the Guard so long to show up last night? It’s not like everyone didn’t know rioting was going to break out.

From the Conservative Wahoo:

 Those of us sitting in our comfy places watching and tut-tutting probably don’t understand deeply enough the mistrust that exists between a good bit of the black community and police forces.  I’ll wager that if we were to get some of these hooligans to sit down and present them with the evidence, they might even come to the same conclusion as the grand jury–but their reactions would still be the same.  This isn’t necessarily about Brown’s death, it is about perceptions built up over years and simmering rage.  The Ferguson incident simply provides a convenient outlet for these emotions.

Emphasis mine. Concur.

If you want to tell me there is a problem with how the police and the black community in America intersect, I’m all ears. But the Brown case isn’t the mountain to plant your flag on. Why is it that those who seek to incite their community to outrage always seem to chose a losing case? It can’t be that hard to find a case where a shooting was pretty clearly uncalled for. Heck, just ask Radley Balko.  The guy makes a career out of trying to highlight unjustified use of force by the police.

Or take a look at this shooting in NYC.

Could it be that certain instigators don’t wish for justice, but rather thrive on the unrest?

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  1. As long as you’re making far too much sense…61% of business’s set alight were minority owned (mostly African American), and who was looking out for the rights of the third party business owners or are they just thrown into the mix as it were? Yup the MOARNG was malutilized last night not due to military chain either as it wasn’t their operation. I do wonder what their ROE was governing live ammo and its application. Nothing says back the f _ _ _ up like a full belt inserted into a true automatic weapon. So much for being a threat against those poor anarchist, uber intelligent agitators, er I mean champions for the people.

    1. The two times I was activated for a State mission to bolster security, we had a small piece of metal inserted between the pistol grip and the receiver of our M4s that prevented the selector switch from going to burst. M240s and M2 BMG were not mounted on the HMMWVs either. Automatic weapons seem to be outside of my state’s (Nevada) policy for these types of missions.

  2. I concur pretty much exactly and you’ve explained your point of view with much less spewing of coffee and food crumbs and screaming of obscenities than I have been able to do thus far. I live in Saint Louis and I think that the thing that pisses me off the most are the outsiders coming to stir shit up worse.

    1. JoshO I’ve got a U.S. Navy veteran younger brother who lives in St. Charles and I’m glad he has a river between and I’m positive you’re picking up what I mean. Powder dry…be situationally aware my friend.

    2. Thanks, I keep a look out, sometimes I think I’m the only one looking around rather than at a phone.

  3. “Deserves” got nothing to do with it.
    He attacked the officer in his car, tried to get his gun and told him ; “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.”
    Mike Brown *Got Justice*.

    His folks are grifters and trying to make buck off their sons death.
    His “Father”?
    Where the hell was he when Mikey was growing-up?
    He was “Mikeys” baby daddy, never his father.
    The “Gentle Giant” got justice, and he is dead…

  4. From what little information is provided in the news article, that NYPD shooting does not sound kosher to me.

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