Are you Koalafied?

Sergeants do not punish their soldiers for their misdeeds. Punishment is a specific term for the penalties awarded either through Non Judicial Punishment (by ones commander) or via a court martial.

Instead, Sergeants motivate, correct, instill a sense of discipline, alacrity, and attention to detail. They make on the spot corrections, and they provide corrective training, and extra military training to bring their soldiers up to the expected standards of behavior and performance.

Now, how they do that… can be sometimes somewhat creative.


And yes, I’ve both had my troops do this, and done it more than once myself.

6 thoughts on “Are you Koalafied?”

  1. Leadership – The ability to have a “Meh” moment when your soldiers are being plain, good ‘ole silly.

  2. Well, what the heck is it? Some play on tree hugger? Perhaps an imitation of an Antarctic(avoiding ethnic comments) environmentalist? Please don’t make me beg.

    1. To Koalafy is to hug the tree like a Koala, and climb up and down. The upside down part is a bonus. This guy is getting off easy. Every time I had to do it, I had on LBE, Kevlar helmet, and a weapon.

    2. Thank you.

      Things have certainly changed since my time. Good thing nobody knew about Koalas back then. I would have thought the volunteer Army would have screened out sadists by now. Isn’t cruel and unusual punishment prohibited?

  3. As a Squad Leader I used to headbutt my troops.
    I started out with swat with my beret (think F Troop) or my hand to the back of the head. Then evolved to the headbutt, as there failure was also my failure. Thus the shared pain.
    I stopped when I knocked one of my wayward children clean out. A goose egg swelled from his forehead in the blink of an eye.

    All that aside. If someone doesn’t know that the inverted koala helps the flow of oxygen enriched blood to the brain, there by improving neuronal function and memory retention, their education is flawed.

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