SECDEF Fired: Hagel Goes Under the Bus

Chuck Hagel

Big news this morning that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has been fired by President Obama.  Big news, but not surprising.  Hagel has openly contradicted the President several times, especially regarding the Administration’s rather childish assertions regarding the necessity of ground forces in the fight against ISIS.   You will hear various stories about how this was Hagel’s idea, and of course, the media will dutifully report as fact the White House’s version of events.  But that version will be as accurate and honest as WH proclamations on Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, ISIS intelligence failures, etc.

Though Hagel was not known as a deep thinker, the idea that he somehow couldn’t grasp the deeper and more complex defense issues smells like the intellectual elitism of the self-proclaimed far-left “ruling” class.  It is far more likely that Hagel attempted to keep Obama and his National Security Council grounded in reality, only to be poo-pooed and brushed aside by the overwhelming cacophony from the Marxist ideologues that have the President’s ample ears.   I was never a big Chuck Hagel fan, as he was a Global Zero guy whose viewpoints at various times bordered on the curious, but as SECDEF I thought he was one of the few at the top of the Defense structure with the spine to stand up to the rampant amateurish stupidity that emanated from 1600 Pennsylvania.  We could have done far worse.  We certainly might going forward.

Whether talks were “initiated” by Hagel or not, the nature of those talks were probably discussions about whether Obama was going to keep tossing aside wise counsel or not in favor of the childlike and naive rantings of his fellow-travelers.  And, the answer today seems to be a resounding YES.  Obama will continue to march forward in secular progressive lockstep to the Internationale, wreaking the concomitant damage on US security, foreign relations, and national power.

Funny that the Secretary of Defense that HE chose, to replace another that had had enough (Panetta), is now thought not to be up to the job.  One has to wonder who is.  Michele Flournoy has been mentioned, along with Ash Carter.  One has to think Bob Work is in the mix.  All are far too talented to want to serve out the last two years of the military train wreck that is the Defense Department under Obama.   It is like being hired to coach the Washington Generals, and being told you are expected to win.

12 thoughts on “SECDEF Fired: Hagel Goes Under the Bus”

  1. Meanwhile Hagel goes to $250k on the lecture circuit while the only ones who pay a real price for piss poor leadership from 1600 is our troops.

  2. Strange how hard it is to get good help to stay and lead an organization. It must be hard to lead when your boss seemingly despises you, and your own subordinates return the sentiment. Throw in that your boss always knows better than you, and has no regard for your opinion, and you are done. Walking a fine line here, forgive me…

    Cue the book deal in 3, 2, 1…

  3. Chuck was appointed as SecDef, as a Republican, to be a doormat to Obamas destruction of the DoD. It could, then, be blamed on a Republican.
    He, a Viet Nam Vet, was really not up with the scope of gutting the US military. He spoke-up for leaving troops in Afgh *after* Obamas promised 2014 pullout, lest it immediately become a Shite-hole like Iraq did, when against all Pentagon advice, Obama pulled ALL the troops out.
    He tried to re-build the Nuclear force, when ValJar wanted it dismantled.
    He was not a really bright guy, but he was not the door-mat Emperor Obama thought he would be.
    So it goes…

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