Yes, the RAF has a TARDIS.


The fine folks at Think Defense, always your go-to source for ISO container information, take a look at how the British are using ISO container shaped structures to provide work spaces and specialized storage.

The humble shipping container is adaptable to many roles. Sure, there’s the simplest, storage. Our own Army has used the CONEX box for generations.

And of course, wired and plumbed, the box has been turned into the CHU, or Containerized Housing Unit that served as home for many troops in Iraq.

Containers can also be configured as workshops.

And that brings us to t he subject of our post. One workshop in British service is the Tactical Reconnaissance Deployable Imagery System.

TARDIS1 740x301 Military Pallets, Boxes and Containers   Part 3 Containers and Flat Racks


Shoulda painted it blue.

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