Stand by to stand by…

Erstwhile coauthor Craig reminded me of this old Army classic, the “stand by to stand by” scenario.

Let’s say you have a battalion function, a formation, at 0900. The company 1SG will order the platoon sergeants to have a formation at 0830. The platoon sergeants will order a formation at 0800. Squad leaders, not wanting anyone tardy, will order a formation at 0730. Team leaders, knowing their soldiers are squirrelly, will order them to report at 0700.

Craig will be using this scenario to discuss Sherman’s march to the sea later this evening at his excellent To the Sound of the Guns blog later today.

What kind of silliness have you had to put up with in the service or in business?

4 thoughts on “Stand by to stand by…”

  1. In my first company command, I specifically tried to prevent “first-call creep” before the first company formation, which resulted in too many coming to work late. After that, I just quietly looked away.

  2. In answer to “what kind of silliness I have seen”, I will just have to say “all kinds” and in both high volume and high frequency.

  3. Mine would be 2001 at Camp Hovey, Korea. Conducting cold weather training by testing our sleeping bags in the formation area outside the barracks overnight.

  4. For the USMC it is the rifle range. Shooters were always required to be at the armory at 0300 or some such silly time. So that we could pick up weapons, sign for ammo, and be on the ready bench for roll call at the 200 yard line by 0400. Even in the summer, it is pitch-assed dark for another HOUR, and not light enough to shoot for about 2.5 hours. In the winter, it is still dark for two hours, and not light enough to shoot for THREE. If anyone showed up at 0410, they were “late”.

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