Home is the Prowler, Home from the Sea.

With yesterday’s return of VAQ-134 to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, a forty year history of Prowler deployments aboard US Navy aircraft carriers has come to an end.

 KING5 News had a nice little video of the return.


The Marines will continue to operate the EA-6B for several more years, but for the Navy, the Electronic Attack mission will now be solely in the hands of the EA-18G Growler.

I moved to NAS Whidbey in 1973, when the Prowler was virtually brand new.  From childhood to today, there have always been Prowlers. Oh, how I miss the days of my youth with Intruders and Prowlers in the skies over my home.

2 thoughts on “Home is the Prowler, Home from the Sea.”

  1. I miss the rural AFBs I grew up at. I remember the Thunderbirds flying F-100s and F-100s, F-104s, F-102s, and F-106s around Ramstein. I saw B-52s regularly at Kelly AFB when my father was stationed at Lackland. Saw a crashed F-104 that was left about 200′ from the west end of the runway while the accident investigation took place.

    Your earlier post about the EA-6 crash in 2013 reminds me of the hazards of military aviation in the 60s. The margins were thinner and crashes, while not routine, were not uncommon. My youngest brother was taken to the emergency room at Landshtul Hospital with hole in his knee from an auto accident when he was hurried from his slot to bring in an F-104 pilot that was badly burned from a crash at Ramstein.

  2. Those were the days. The teachers having to pause their lessons as the Prowlers and Intruders flew over. Sitting at the north end of OLF Coupeville and watching Touch and Go’s. When I go back to visit, those Growlers just don’t sound right.

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