Grumman at War

Spill mentioned today that with the retirement of the Prowler, the only Grumman aircraft on US decks now will be the E-2 Hawkeyes and C-2 Greyhounds. Mind  you, the E-2 will be around till at least 2045. But there was a time when the word “Grumman” was synonymous with carrier aviation.


6 thoughts on “Grumman at War”

  1. Thank you for this! My Dad worked fro Grumman for over thirty years, as did my aunt , an uncle, and several other family members. Remember as if it were yesterday the night that Dad came home with the news about the F14 contract

  2. Grumman’s test pilot for newly completed planes was Teddy Kenyon, ( A Gurl!!!!! ). In the scene where the Hellcat os zooming down the runway at aboutt 100 feet, and two guys working on a Widgeon stick thier heads out of a door and a window, watch, and say something to each other, and then go back to work, you are supposed to think thet the conversaition is thus, Guy at door : ” A another newly completed F6F, soon to be on it’s way to slap the Japs “. Guy at window : ” Verily, peace will soon return with such weapons as produce here at Grumman “. When really it was Guy at door : ” Man, I hate it when she does that. The way the noise echos here inside this Widgeon, you would think we were working in a rock crusher “. Guy at window : ” It’s the way she machine guns the poeple she is mad at that really get my goat “. Teddy Kenyon Camels ad

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