Name That Plane

No, Spill, not you. Give someone else a chance.

NTP 11-14

Update: CG23 got it right off the bat. Tis the Bregeut 941, which was heavily marketed in the US, but found no buyers. McDonnell was their US marketing partner, under the name McDonnell 188, but never built any. A further four of a slightly improved Br941S model were built, and served a few years with the French Armee de la Air.

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  1. Would have thought it might have some application in SE Asia 1967-73, but I guess helicopters and C-130s did the job…

    1. They did very well indeed. Along with Caribous, C-123s, and anything else that was handy, including the odd C-47. If it had seen service after WW2, you could likely run into it in Vietnam.

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