Silly Season at Seymour-Johnson AFB

Everyone else is beating this like a piñata so I might as well take a whack.


You know what this is? It’s someone’s bullet point on their next FitRep.

  • “COL Smith implemented the Passport to Prosperity Program (P2P2) to improve the quality of life for 4FW Airmen.”

You just know that’s gonna be written somewhere.

The goal isn’t to improve Airmen’s quality of life. It’s to be seen as doing something. It’s management, not leadership. Counseling and mentoring subordinates, establishing and enforcing tough but realistic standards, understanding that promoting esprit de corps will ensure good morale, those are all tough aspects of command and leadership. Putting a puerile feel good series of mockable classes together isn’t.

H/T to CDR Salamander, who has much more.

2 thoughts on “Silly Season at Seymour-Johnson AFB”

  1. When did the USAF go back to A1c for three stripers? Back before I got out the first time (1968), a three striper became a sergeant.


  2. Late ’69 or ’70. My father was still in at the time and he saw no reason for it. It’s much like taking the 3rd rocker from MSgt and putting it on top as with SMSGT and CMSGT.

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