Salon, Hero Worship, and The Greenie Board

So, yesterday morning, my twitter feed exploded with people disgusted by a post on internet Lefty cheering squad Some limpwristed twit wrote a piece shrilly insisting we quit celebrating our servicemembers as heroes.

And of course, the blowback was immediate.

It probably is a worthy topic to discuss how we feel about our veterans in today’s society. But the twit at Salon is not the guy to do it.

A far better take, a serious discussion, can be found at The Greenie Board.

3 thoughts on “Salon, Hero Worship, and The Greenie Board”

    1. From what I’ve read elsewhere, this is SOP for Salon, as they’re all trolls.

      Write something offensive, which encourages the offended to drop by & tell you it’s offensive. The extra hits & traffic are a fortuitous bonus.

      P.S. Agreed on the spelling.

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