Jonathan Gruber- Our Electoral Base is Stupid


Via Hot Air:

It’s not the first time that Jonathan Gruber’s past remarks on ObamaCare have come back to bite him, but perhaps it’s the most honest assessment of the process that produced the bill he both helped create and advocated. Last July, as a federal appeals court mulled over the text and intent of the subsidy structure, a 2012 video emerged in which Gruber insisted that the limitation of tax credits was intended to force states into supporting ObamaCare — the exact opposite of what the Obama administration argued in Halbig. Gruber later called that a “speak-o,” to the amusement of many.

In a video from 2013 unearthed by the Daily Signal, Gruber at least avoids undermining the legal defense of ObamaCare. Instead, Gruber undermines the political defense of it by depicting Democrats as intentionally dishonest about the bill during its drafting to snooker the CBO, and laughs at the “stupidity of the American voter” while declaring that he’s all about the ends rather than the means:


Here’s the important thing to remember. Gruber isn’t talking about fooling Republicans, or conservatives. There was simply no way that was going to happen. Virtually every prediction the political right made about Obamacare has come to pass, in many cases to an extent worse than predicted.

The key thing is, when Gruber is bragging about deceiving voters, he is talking about the Democratic party’s own base. Those are the people Pelosi and Reid needed on board to secure passage of PPACA. Recall that not a single Republican voted for this monstrosity. Therefore, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Gruber is proud that he and fellow travellers were able to snooker low information Democratic constituencies. The contempt the left has for its own coalition is stunning.

Make sure to share this with your friends who vote Democrat. Let them know how their own party sees them- too stupid to know what’s good for them.

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Gruber- Our Electoral Base is Stupid”

  1. They will all assume that Gruber is speaking about the great masses and not them personally. They will credit themselves with having seen through the “$2500 drop in premiums” as a mere campaign promise that they knew to ignore (after first denying that it was mentioned more than once). They will say, “everyone knew you couldn’t keep your crappy insurance if you liked it, because it’s crappy and we know what you need instead.” They will contend that the failure of patients to keep their doctors is the fault of the doctors, not the legislation.

    Yes, this needs to come out and be blasted far and wide, but don’t count on any died-in-the-wool liberals caring. They believe themselves not only smarter than the American public that Gruber was duping, but smarter than they were themselves, because they convince themselves they saw through the ruse.

    Besides which, they also don’t care about the means, only the end. They’ll claim that they already compromised by not forcing single-payer (conveniently forgetting that members of their own party promised a filibuster against single-payer).

  2. Alas, his contempt is well placed. Alas, Dave is also right about the arrogance of libtards believing that Gruber wasn’t talking about them. Alas, for them, he was talking about every Dim voter.

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