First F-35C Carrier Arrested Landing

Via The Aviationist.

And as David notes over there, it was delayed for some time because of issues with the hook placement.


I just think it looks really weird seeing a landing on a carrier with the deck not crowded with other planes. And seeing it sit at the end of its runout for more than a second or two is weird as well.

5 thoughts on “First F-35C Carrier Arrested Landing”

  1. OK, in the confusing world of F-35 variants, this is the lead sled that will be a classic carrier bird like all of the greats in Marine/Navy carrier service (pretty much everything other than the Gutless Cutlass and the Demon). It took this long before it’s first live trap?

    The lift fan idea should have been strangled at birth.

    1. One reason it took so long is that the emphasis has always been on introducing the Marines B model first (the AV-8s are really getting old) then the AF “A” model, and finally the C model for the Navy. But I concur with you on the lift fan.

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