Divorce, Soldier suicide, and child custody- a nexus?

Terrence Popp gave an interview as an aside at the International Conference on Men’s Issues regarding soldier suicides with regard to divorce and child custody battles.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUMXiCYXOL8]

I’m single, no kids, so my experience is second hand. But a soldier facing divorce has the deck stacked against him. He’s almost always in a location away from his extended support group. That is, having joined the military, his duty station is usually away from the friends and family he grew up with. His chain of command is likely not terribly supportive. It’s usually not actively against him, but consider that his company commander joined the service with visions of martial trappings, not marital counseling. Coupled with a widespread misunderstanding of what it means to serve in society and the courts, on top of a family court system already predisposed to side with the woman, that imposes incredible stress on the man. Many, many men react badly. Guys who have a predisposition to taking action to solving problems suddenly take actions that are unhelpful. I think this is an area where more research, an unbiased look at causality, would be very helpful.

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