Op-For: “Where is the Case for Co – Ed Ground Combat?”

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Alte kamerad LTCOL P, Marine artilleryman extraordinaire, has a great piece about a great piece.   He points out some pretty sobering stats from the continuing effort to make ground combat a co-ed sport.

In the 155 mm Artillery Lift and Carry, a test simulating ordnance stowing, volunteers had to pick up a 95 lb. artillery round and carry it 50 meters in under 2 minutes. Noted the report, “Less than 1% of men, compared to 28.2% of women, could not complete the 155 mm artillery round lift and carry in the allotted time.” If trainees had to “shoulder the round and/or carry multiple rounds, the 28.2% failure rate would increase.”

As LTCOL P points out, such a test is in no way, shape, or form anywhere near realistic.  The HE M107 projectile is 95 pounds, a tad heavier with lifting eyebolt.  I would posit that making the test the moving of ten or twenty of those projectiles over, say, 100 meters, BEGINS to get to what kind of heavy manual labor is involved in being a field artilleryman.  I would doubt severely that any female tested could get anywhere close to passing that particular test.  And that is simply a beginning test.  Try it after several days of 3 hours’ sleep in the snow or in yesterday’s rainwater, or in the 115 degree heat, after displacing twice in four hours and digging in spades each time.

You can be guaranteed the feminists and their spineless apologists in uniform will continue to find ways to obfuscate and slant results such as these and continue to scream for she-warriors who are the physical equivalent of men, when they are not being helpless victims, of course.   Our present and future enemies must be awfully impressed.

12 thoughts on “Op-For: “Where is the Case for Co – Ed Ground Combat?””

    1. No, feminists hate facts and logic.
      This debate always reminds me of Monty Python’s Life of Brian.
      “It’s symbolic of his struggle against oppression.”
      “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality….”

    2. Facts and logic everyone equally.

      Since they have a differential impact on women and minorities, it is clear that facts and logic are racist and misogynist.

  1. Bipolar disorder (the warrior/victim dichotomy if I’m being to vague) used be disqual for service regardless of gender. And yes, I’m poking fun at the poor downtrodden victims of mental illness, which we all know was inflicted on the world by men. Not that I feel strongly about it or anything.

    1. I think you and I were separated at birth… The first thing that came to mind with me was – good lord, how much are we going to spend and how far are we going go in inventing new gear and radically changing artillery ttp’s (which have been honed over centuries) to make sure 1 or two women can pull the lanyard…. The lord only knows….. Geeze.

  2. On a good note, the “gender norming” tests that I had to provide Soldiers for in the summer of ’13 were largely at a start point where the majority of both genders failed. Had something to do with the insane heat, but also with poorly designed tests along the lines of this test on artillery rounds. Each branch was the proponent for their tests. I tried to go back and look up the foot march standards, which were crazy. My most physical animal 1SG could not complete the event between heat, load, distance, and time. Eventually my boss just canceled the thing despite TRADOC guys running the show.

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