Orbital’s Antares Launch Failure

They’ve had many successes. Don’t let one failure shut down the program.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCWunnJXdm0]

4 thoughts on “Orbital’s Antares Launch Failure”

  1. No such thing as 100% success in that business. Worst part is that it looks like the wreckage fell back on the pad. To quote Susan Ivanova:

    “No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody’s got to have some damn perspective around here! Boom. Sooner or later. BOOM!”

  2. One nice thing about working on tactical-size motors – our failures aren’t quite so…wow.

    This should provide an interesting twist to our (ATK) merger with Orbital in the next few months.

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