Amazon Special-Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors

James Hornfischer’s Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, a gripping story of the escorts of Taffy 3 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, is on special at Amazon for $1.99 for the Kindle edition. You can buy it here, or you can click on my Amazon tab in the right side column. If you use the link on the right, I get a small commission.

No Kindle? No problem. You can install the Kindle app on your phone, tablet or laptop, or, if you wish, even buy a Kindle device through my Amazon tab.

I’m still holding out for a special  on Neptune’s Inferno about the Navy at Guadacanal. @GuadaBattle is still covering the campaign on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Special-Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors”

  1. Re-reading Neptune’s Inferno right now with the campaign unfolding 🙂
    Both it, and Last Stand are excellent works, 2 thumbs up for the both of them

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