Hillary Clinton, Marxist-Leninist

From Breitbart.  Hillary was speaking yesterday evening at a fund raiser for far-left Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley.


If “corporations and businesses” aren’t the creators of jobs, that leaves but one entity to generate employment: The Government.  Precisely the Statist collectivism of Marx and Lenin.  Shared, by the way, with Saul Alinsky, the subject of so many gushing words of devotion from the very same Hillary Clinton when she was a young radical.  News flash:  Hillary is still that (now not so young) radical, having not tempered her far-left secular socialist-communist views one iota.   In this, she is entirely in lock-step with the current Administration, and its effeminate and anti-capitalist Alinskyite radical, Barack Obama.  And, if the government is the creator of jobs, rest assured that they will determine what jobs will be created, where they will be created, who will work those jobs (race/gender/religious/sexual preference quotas, anyone?), and what those workers will earn.  Immediately following will be regulations of where those workers live, what they buy, how and where they travel, how and if they vote…  all of which sounds familiar to adults of a certain age.

Given the means, she would make us into Iron Curtain Eastern Europe, replete with the suppression of freedom and government persecution which oppressed hundreds of millions and put to death more millions of victims for five decades.  But that will be okay, because THEY’RE in charge, and if their motives are noble, the suffering and privation of the bourgeoisie is a small price to pay.  But worry not.   You will need only to work for the collective according to your capabilities.  For which you will receive according to your need.

When you discuss Candidate Hillary as we approach 2016, do not be afraid to use the term “communist”.  She has told us she is precisely that.  As recently as last night.

7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, Marxist-Leninist”

  1. When I heard her speech on the mark Levin Show, I wondered what on Earth she was thinking, who else but business creates jobs? Hillary remains a fool. An evil fool, but a fool nonetheless.

  2. If I remember correctly, Marxism admits corporations and businesses do create jobs. They want all those corporations and businesses to be run by the workers.

    In short, Hillary isn’t even a good Marxist, she is just stupid.

    1. Well, Marxism originally called for all “businesses” to be workers’ collectives. To produce only what was required for consumption, and nothing more.

  3. Ye Gods if any US president is a Marxist Leninist I,m a bloody Dutchman,Christ you Americans would not know an actual Marxist Leninist if you fell over one.

    1. Ye Gods, when someone believes in a command economy, redistribution of the wealth, expropriating the expropriators, and “from each according to their capabilities, to each according to their needs”, that someone is a Marxist. Whether you non-Americans think so or not. Hell, some of these people self-identify as Marxists, and others openly admire Marx and Lenin and Mao.

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