Mystery Lady buys military lunch.

At Oak Harbor’s The BBQ Joint, military members are getting a heaping helping of respect.

For the past four years, a Mystery Lady has been quietly giving the restaurant money to randomly pay for military meals.

Hundreds of them.

“If someone comes in and they look like they could use a little boost, we let her buy them their lunch,” said Sonna Ryan, a Texas transplant who owns the restaurant with her husband Tim.

It’s a small gesture that’s making a big impact.

“It means a lot to us,” said NAS Whidbey sailor Ryan Bradley. “My sincere thanks to whoever this Mystery Lady is.”

All we know about the Mystery Lady is that her husband of 29 years died from Agent Orange exposure after serving in Vietnam. She is on a fixed income and can’t get out to volunteer like she used to, so filling the bellies of local sailors is her way of giving back.

via KING 5.

Oak Harbor isn’t exactly where one thinks of quality BBQ, but the joint is run by Texans and I’m hearing good stuff about it.

And Oak Harbor has long had a very supportive relationship with the military.

For a long time, many sailors called NAS Whidbey the best kept secret in the Navy, because it is set in a stunningly beautiful locale, and because it was, and still is, a fantastic place to raise a family.