Prowlers and Pods

Spill just brought to my attention that the Marines have, for several years now, integrated the Lightening targeting pod onto their EA-6B Prowler radar jamming aircraft.

That pic is from 2007 or so. At that time, there wasn’t a lot of need for radar jamming in Iraq or Afghanistan. But in addition to being a world class radar jammer, the EA-6B is pretty good at intercepting tactical communications. One wonders just what techniques and procedures the Prowlers might have been using.

As an aside, that jet is from VMAQ-2, the Death Jesters. Back in  the days before the Tailhook ‘91 scandal, they were known as The Playboys- complete with the bunny on their tail. Now take a glance at the “CY” tailcode on this jet.

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  1. I was requesting electronic attack every time I planned a squadron mission out in Ramadi or Fallujah. All part of the deal.

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