11 thoughts on “Woot! XBradTC makes it to Twitchy!”

  1. The dusty, irrelevant old document says,

    “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”


    “the right of uniformed soldiers to keep and bear arms”

    Also, in the military, you don’t own the weapon. The government does. And you only get to use it when and how they say. And we have noticed that they are not, in fact, in favor of open carry these days (cough, Fort Hood, cough).

    In short it doesn’t seem like such a great deal from the standpoint of owning and freely using.

    Me, I don’t own ’em to be a “hero”. I own ’em to punch holes in pieces of paper.

  2. Well done, sir!

    I was going to ask why you didn’t point out that we can’t buy “assault rifles” in this country, but then I figured out he was too stupid to understand the point.

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