Biden's Son "Embarrassed" to be Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine Use

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It seems that Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, aged 44, has been booted out of the Navy for being a cocaine user.  The NY Post has the story.    The younger(-ish) Biden is reportedly “embarrassed” by taking the oath of a Commissioned Officer in the US Armed Forces under knowingly false pretenses, violating Article 92 and Article 112a of the UCMJ on what I suspect strongly was a regular basis by seeking out drug dealers, buying the coke, and either smoking, snorting, or ingesting the psychostimulant narcotic.  And please, spare the nonsensical bullshit about how this might have been his first time and how he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

One has to wonder how many strings were pulled, and how many waivers signed, to get Biden, aged 43 at the time, into the United States Navy Reserve as a Public Affairs Officer.   One also has to wonder how many lies he told during his recruiting interviews, if he had any at all.  And what aspiring and honorable person was bumped out of serving in this time where the Navy and the rest of the services are shrinking like a puddle in the sunshine.

But, of course, young Hunter there is “embarrassed” to have popped for coke as Navy Officer.   Most people are “embarrassed” by getting a parking ticket or having an overdue water bill.  What he really deserves is to be recalled to active duty and disciplined.  A Summary Court Martial would do nicely.   Sixty days’ restriction has a nice ring to it.  At least he has a good civilian job to go to, and Dad can always send him some taxpayer-provided spending money, once Burisma gets its cut, at least.

Ahh, the US Navy.  A Global Force for Padding Your Resume for when you seek office.   Perhaps the coke pop hurts poor Hunter in that quest, perhaps not.  It isn’t as if he would be the first elected official to openly admit to using illegal drugs routinely.   If elected, he might go ahead and tell us that coke is less harmful than cigarettes.

And if he doesn’t win, we can always commission a USS Hunter Biden.


Know what?  I was wrong in my above assertion about what Hunter Biden deserves.  I am not afraid to admit my error.  For a first offense, I think Ensign Biden should be retained.  In fact, he should be activated on an individual call-up.  And sent to Liberia to have direct contact with ebola patients.


12 thoughts on “Biden's Son "Embarrassed" to be Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine Use”

  1. A husband and father of three, and doing coke. I understand waivers are done for people of certain skill sets, like doctors. But his so-called “skill set” isn’t high demand. I think it wasn’t enough to ride his father’s coattails, and he thought having some military service would help in his future political career.

    The good news is, he can get an endorsement from Marion Berry.

    1. + 6.022 x 10²³ for “Bitch set me up” Barry ref. And he was elected after that stumble.

      Both young and old Bidens will continue to rise to new levels of incompetence. Bet ya.

  2. And hey more good news, one of Joe Biden’s former flunkies got appointed “Ebola Czar”. Doesn’t that fill you with confidence?

    I expect the “don’t worry, we’re handling it, not a problem” narrative to evaporate instantly on the morning after election day. And then, oh what a surprise, a whole bunch of terrifying news stories will suddenly come to light.

    1. A lot of people share your expectations. I would not be surprised to hear that the safest thing the government can do is to confiscate firearms to prevent someone with ebola from resisting quarantine. Not wanting to waste a good crisis, and all.

      And innt the CDC Director sposta be the ebola “czar”?

    2. I woulda thunk the Surgeon General would be the Ebola Czar, but then, we don’t gots one.

  3. I like the way you think!!!! If what I read was correct… He’s a lawyer, and he required two waivers, age (43), and one for unspecified drug usage earlier in life which anymore is not uncommon. The Veep’s other son (an Army CPT), did a one year tour in Iraq. Hey one out of two isn’t bad. Also the young Ensign got “wiz quizzed” at some point the very first weekend that he signed into his new PIO/PAO unit!

  4. Biden the younger had a waiver for his age, and another for prior drug incidents. This is not his first time in the world of illegal narcotics.

  5. The timing of this thing makes me wonder if Bill/Hillary didn’t call in a few favors to stifle Joe Biteme’s presidential aspirations

    1. Probably not. A lot of people that do drugs loose a job after the first positive result. It’s a management stand-in for competence, and allows an easy exit for individuals. Normally firing someone can be difficult, but not with a positive drug test.

  6. I think your idea of punishment is a little severe. You piss hot, we kick you out. No reason to treat him any different than another service member.

    1. Why, did you not see where I came to see the light? Administrative action only, if any. And then, we will give him the OPPORTUNITY to serve mankind. Like the more than five hundred of the soon-to-be 4,000 of his comrades. Just like any other service member.

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