Ebola travel ban unsafe?

So, the Director of the CDC claims that any travel ban from Liberia would make the situation worse.

A travel ban to the countries facing an Ebola outbreak could paradoxically make the problem worse, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden said during a Saturday press conference.

Frieden said the CDC would consider any and all precautions, but warned that a travel ban could make it harder to get medical care and aid workers to regions dealing with the outbreak.

He cited the recent delay African Union aid workers experienced trying to get to Liberia.

“Their ability to get there was delayed by about a week because their flight was canceled and they were stuck in a neighboring country,” he said.

Will someone please take a tire iron and beat some sense into this man?

I’ve been told for years now that the left is full of nuanced thinkers, but us cousin-humpin’ conservatives can only think in stark terms.

Uh, how about… there are ways to ban casual travel from Liberia and other infected countries that won’t overly burden the transport of aid and aid workers.

For instance, how about we use immigration control to prohibit any business or tourist travel from Liberia? Right now, there is absolutely nothing preventing an asymptomatic infected Liberian from hopping on a flight to the US or elsewhere. Maybe we could stop that, and still have other ways of transporting people and supplies to Liberia. I’m sure some bright people can conceive of ways of doing that.

7 thoughts on “Ebola travel ban unsafe?”

  1. Frieden is no less a political hack, and no more believable, than Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, et. al. His declaration, especially in light of travel restrictions INSIDE the US for those possibly exposed, is patently absurd. And it is being done to cover for yet another Obama cataclysm brought on by his incompetence and arrogance. And another thing. You can bet your bottom dollar that if ebola had emanated from Finland, we would have banned flights from there within days.

  2. He’s an imbecilic retard , common in the regime who’s only function is to cover the skinny indonesian asshole’s ass. First he says that nurse had a fever; then in same breath he claims fever is not a symptom?? Gosh oh golly, Wally, where the HELL did you steal your medical degree from??

    ALL of them from the top down

  3. If ONLY aid workers and troops are allowed in, and no commercial passengers out, problem solved. Why is this so fracking hard?

    The deadly virus does not give a shit about your preferred ideological narrative!

  4. Frieden pretty much cemented his credentials when, in the same interview, he told people that you couldn’t catch it on a bus, then, If you might have it, don’t ride public transport because you might infect someone…

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