Rolling Thunder- Free

Mark Berent’s first novel of the air war in Vietnam is available free from Amazon for Kindle until October 22. The other four books in the series are $3.99.

If you do choose to buy some of them (or anything else) how about entering Amazon via the link in my right sidebar? I’m an Amazon affiliate, and your purchase helps support this blog, at no cost to you!

6 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder- Free”

  1. I met Mark Berent at a book signing. He left a nice inscription in my hardcover copy of Rolling Thunder.

    In the Mark Beret trilogy one surprise to me (back in 1989) is how incompetent / career-minded / evil the senior leadership of the AF was portrayed. The politicians were the worst, but just below them was the AF leadership. IMHO, that was pretty accurate. I am wiser now.

    Look up how SAC conducted the B-52 campaign. They had not kept up with the tactical innovations of the tac bombers in Thailand and S. Vietnam. Of particular note was using the same bomb route on separate raids. We lost B-52s and good men doing that.

    1. “using the same bomb route ”

      That’s not failing to keep up with tactical innovations. That is laziness compounded by ignorance and incompetence. Avoiding known concentrations of FLAK and varying routes was done in WWII.

      And it wasn’t just the AF leadership. The first Sergeant Major of the Army had a problem with smuggling, a retired MG was recalled from retirement to face charges, etc.

  2. It is an excellent series of books. I just might re-reread one of them now that you have reminded me. I am sad there are not more of them.

  3. Woolridge was his name I believe and I believe he saw the future of contracting, and appropriations and its benefiting the few and not the many and acted early…..sorry SOB!!!

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