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Every year, approximately 250,000 military personnel leave the service to return to civilian life. When the home front beckons, many will be looking to become IT professionals, a role that, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, is among the fastest growing jobs in the country.

How their field skills will translate to the back office is something to ponder. With the advent of virtualization, mobile, and the cloud, IT changes faster than the wind, as do the skill sets needed to succeed.

That said, the nature of today’s military—always on the go, and heavily reliant on virtual solutions—may actually be the perfect training ground for IT.

Consider that many war-fighters already are IT technicians. They need to be skilled in data management, mobile solutions, security, the ability to fix problems as they arise onsite, and more.

This IT knowledge is desperately needed, and matches many of the skill sets outlined in a recent public-sector IT survey by my company, SolarWinds. The only difference is that soldiers are using these skills with dusty boots on the ground.

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I know quite a few former military folks that went into the IT field. Not me, of course. I can manage to use technology, but everytime I start reading just the titles of various certifications, my eyes glaze over.


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  1. I managed my own small network as a County Engineer, but I quickly got MEGO syndrome when faced with all the internal nut-n-bolts. I had a local firm on call for the really off the wall stuff, though.

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