USS Enterprise gives anchor to USS Lincoln –

When it was found that one of the Lincoln’s 30-ton anchors needed to be replaced, crews turned to the Enterprise, which had an exact match that would have been headed to the scrap heap with the rest of the five-decade-old ship.

“With this anchor, both ships will be linked, and Lincoln will carry Enterprise’s spirit as it returns to the fleet,” Chris Miner, Newport News’ vice president of in-service aircraft carrier programs, said in a statement.

via USS Enterprise gives anchor to USS Lincoln –

OK, I’m curious. What the heck happened to Lincoln’s anchor that it had to be replaced?

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  1. I’m guessing something similar to what happened on Courtney when we were getting underway in 1973. The Standard Anchor was almost to the hawse pipe when one of the chain links broke. We were able to recover ours, although it was done by someone in the small yard at Naples, Italy. Perhaps Lincoln couldn’t find theirs.

    Never should have named a carrier after that scum bag anyway.

  2. How often do anchors get replaced? If it is the one that came with the ship, that is an anchor that has probably been banged against thing on the bottom, and may have cracks, like Byron suggested

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