Pretty cool combatives

I stole this from the ONT at Ace’s. It’s in French, but unless you’re especially dull, you can grasp the gist of it.


2 thoughts on “Pretty cool combatives”

  1. Well, there goes that myth. Clearly, the armored night is not so cumbersome has to require a crane to get him on a horse. But, that still has to be hot as hell inside there. Start doing heavy athletics and I can’t imagine you last long. I’m thinking an individuals combat duration might be something along the lines of a football player’s.

  2. I’ve always been surprised at how much grappling was involved in armored combat involving longswords, even though I have a wrestling background. However, thanks to Hollywood, no one can appreciate how a “real” sword-fight was fought.

    I suppose it is similar to popular ideas of hand-to-hand prior to the UFC being televised back in the early 90s. Until those early events, the general public actually believed all that BS about “death touches” and flashy TKD kicks being vastly superior to wrestling, judo and boxing.

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