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Former SecNav John Lehman and Rep. Randy Forbes have an op-ed in National Review. It’s quick. It’s painful. Read it.


Newcomer to the Navy blogging world, Greenie Board, notes that the results of a recent independent Navy Retention Survey point to a great deal of mistrust in the ranks about the senior leadership.

Senior leadership, in the person of the Chief of Naval Personnel, bemoan a perception of mistrust in the ranks.

As Greenie points out, that’s not a perception. It’s the reality. And until the heavies come to grips with that problem, they’ll simply breed more distrust. And that will push out the very people the Navy desperately needs to hold on to.


Via CDR Sal, the Navy has a report on the shortcomings of the LCS program, but won’t share it with Congress.

NAVY WON’T RELEASE LCS REPORT, CITING ‘CHILLING EFFECT:’ The Navy has rejected a public-records request for the results of its Small Surface Combatant Task Force, findings that could affect the future of the Littoral Combat Ship program. Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from Morning D, the Navy declined in a letter to provide the final report being produced by the task force, which was put in place after Hagel in February expressed concerns about the LCS program and ordered the Navy to study alternatives.
In its letter, the Navy said the task force findings would be considered as part of the fiscal 2016 budget deliberations — and that releasing them ahead of the deliberations could be “detrimental to the Navy’s decision-making process by creating a chilling effect on the expression of candid opinions.” The Navy’s rejection of the FOIA request comes as members of Congress continue to press for a briefing on the task force’s findings. Earlier this month, HASC canceled a classified briefing on the issue after the Navy made clear it wouldn’t share the findings and would only discuss the processes the task force used, as USNI News reported.


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  1. Sounds as though Congress needs to line-item veto pay for Navy O-7s and above until they are court marshalled.

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