An interesting and informative look at the truly herculean effort sometimes overlooked in the epic that was World War II.


Salvaging and reclaiming tanks and vehicles destroyed in combat was sometimes a disturbingly gruesome task, as the late Belton Cooper wrote so eloquently about.   But the salvage effort was truly impressive, and saved the cost of manufacture, transport, and time to supply the gigantic American arsenal in Europe and the Pacific with the spare parts needed to keep fighting.

8 thoughts on “Salvage”

  1. Ahh, the magic of regenerating combat power. Like the old NTC fights where you fought to the utter destruction of the unit and magically all of the vehicles you requested were resupplied 12-24 hours later.

  2. Since you recommended it, I went down to the library and checked out Death Traps Wednesday night. I have 15 pages left to read. A very good book, thank for the heads up on it.

    1. Most verily! He said that the Pershing could have been ready by D- Day. Think of the lives that would have been spared.

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