Goodness me…

I think I liked the news better when the power was out.

First Ebola in the US.

One huge, HUGE advantage here is that the hospitals here, even the very worst, are light years beyond the conditions in Africa. The statistical chances of containing an infection are much better. As to individual patient outcomes, the level of nursing care and palliative care is also much, much higher here. There’s a considerable school of thought that this will also greatly lower mortality rates.


The President, while visiting the CDC in Atlanta a while back to discuss Ebola, shared an elevator with an armed man, that the Secret Service didn’t know was armed, and who had a criminal record.

You know, if letting illegal aliens into the Army is such a good idea, maybe we should also assign them to the President’s security detail. It’s not like they could do much worse.

8 thoughts on “Goodness me…”

  1. Why are we allowing in people from countries where Ebola is running amuck.
    And will the HIPAA laws allow his name to be released so people exposed can seek medical help?

    1. We will not deny visas or travel to any of the affected nations, because of the skin color of their population. We will be forced to deal with the consequences of the spread of the disease on our soil and affecting our people because of considerations of race. Welcome to Hope and Change.

  2. The mortality rates will certainly be far lower here. From the apocalyptic plague-like 66% mortality to a mere cataclysmic 5 or 6% mortality rate. Lord knows how many West Africans who have been exposed are here. A quarter million? More? Not like we would tell them they can’t come. We will take them, let them expose/infect US citizens, and then pay for their care in our hospitals, which will cost hundreds of millions just for them.

  3. Chikungunya is here to. Fortunately it doesn’t normally kill, but it is quite unpleasant and some of the symptoms can last for years. The pestilence prophesied in scripture has arrived on our shores because of the irresponsibility and incompetence of FedGov.

    1. Not to mention dengue fever, Chagas disease, antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, and a few others brought through our “secure” border.

  4. Quartermaster:
    “The pestilence prophesied in scripture has arrived on our shores because of the irresponsibility and incompetence of FedGov.”
    It wasn’t due to incompetence, it was deliberate…

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