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Just this week, two seemingly unrelated events unfolded, but they actually reveal a new liberal tactic. The Hillary Clinton Front-Group, American Bridge, filed a bogus federal complaint against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and then a federal probe into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie found no evidence linking Christie to “Bridge-Gate.” Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted last month. Make no mistake, these events are related. Emerging is a new liberal tactic to gin up legal proceedings against conservatives and then use the media to amplify the investigations and make the officials look guilty. These attacks are part of a coordinated hit job on Republican Presidential Prospects to weaken them, while simultaneously smearing conservatives as untrustworthy criminals.

All three of the separate attacks on Walker, Christie, and Perry have too much in common to simply ignore as politics as usual. The Left’s tactic is simple: 1) find a friendly investigator or action to investigate; 2) highlight the worst of the accusations; and 3) watch the national media have a feeding frenzy. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these smears to see the common threads.

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We’ve seen the Left turn the power of government at all levels into a weapon to destroy their political opponents.

Want to start a genuine grass roots TEA Party organization? The IRS will hound you.

You’re a conservative that runs a business? The EPA and OSHA would like to talk to you.

Serve as a successful GOP governor? Get smeared or worse.

The Wisconsin travesty is especially egregious. Not only was there no crime, there could be no crime. The right of political groups to petition the government for redress of grievances is constitutionally guaranteed.

Not only did the shameful John Doe investigation smear the governor in the press, it effectively destroyed every major conservative group in Wisconsin.

Mr. Batzel thinks the voters are smart enough to see through this lawfare approach of the denizens of the deep state. I’m not as optimistic.

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  1. These actions by the US government are the hallmark of a third world country.

    Using the power of government against your political and personal opponents is the mechanism underlying most of third-world nations manifest failures.

  2. Dunno, I think the IRS and Justice and Wisconsin/Texas scandals did a lot of harm to what had been passed off for so long as the altruistic Left. Americans have, for the most part, a keen sense of fairness. Sometimes they are TOO fair, but these incidents, and the clearly dishonest testimonies of Clinton and Holder and Lerner in the various scandals did far more harm than the far-left beholden media will ever admit.

  3. We are getting tired of the Dem Left in Milwaukee and Madison acting as if they own the State, and we are their serfs. The only way the Dems can win this, is selecting an out of state Federal court, which they are trying to do. Even so, he claims are egregious, I don’t see how they can win.

  4. The last sentence should read Even so, the claims are so egregious, I don’t see how they can win a fair trail.

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