10 thoughts on “This actually causes me physical pain just to watch.”

  1. Ah, boys….. the PRC is not as ‘easy-going’ with law enforcement as the West. Big risk, little reward. What, not up for being an Iron worker, Paratrooper, or smoke-jumper?

    1. My toes were tingling at the top. No safety line, no “on belay.” One strong wind gust would add to the Darwin award candidates.

  2. So these gentlemen were or were not BASE jumpers. Although I haven’t a BASE jump under my belt I do know one thing…I’m not climbing something like that and not jump off of it. One did look like he had a “rig” but not the other one.

  3. Thank you xbradtc for the clarification and yes if BASE jumpers film themselves going to the top they’re most ways going to film themselves “exiting.” Everest in my opinion is something you climb “because it’s there,” but buildings give me a rig (I prefer thousands of ft. buffer but when in Rome…)

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