Wire Strike

Wire strikes are one of the greater dangers to helicopters. And external sling operations are as well. Combine the two…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5oa-aXSo4c]

No one was seriously injured, incredibly.

2 thoughts on “Wire Strike”

  1. Amazing, but the rotors actually appear to behave like the ones in the slow motion crash scene in Blackhawk Down. This is cool because I always believed that it looked fake, but now appears better done than I had thought. Might have to go watch, just to confirm my opinion….

  2. Watch at :24 in the background just to the right of the man in the red hardhat and orange vest you’ll see the arm of a man whipping the wire up into the tail rotor. The tail rotor winds the cable up and since the cable is secured to the sling hook the tail boom collapses. Here’s another video of the incident shot from the right side of the helicopter.

    Untrained people on the ground trying to help you can be quite dangerous.

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